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  4. Intellectual Properties

Privacy Policy

Users, Kindly take a note of the following things:

  1. For all tools dealing with VCF format, we do not store your private data, contacts or any other information.
  2. Why do we charge for few services? Because unlike other websites providing 'free' services, we do not sell our users' data for money! And so to recover our expenses, we charge a small fee from users.
  3. All your uploaded files and generated files are deleted after 48 hours. Even if you do not pay for our services. We comply with GDPR regulation.
  4. We store only payment transaction information for any refund related issues.
  5. To clarify on any privacy issue, users can communicate with us using our contact form.
  6. If you buy any product on our website, your contact information and addresses will not be shared to any 3rd party except for logistics company.
  7. We use 3rd party payment systems, and thus do not store any credit card/debit card/banking information.


  1. If you are using our online services, you must follow instructions written in order to execute the service properly. Make sure you check demo file properly before you make payment for full service, if service is paid service. After making payment, if you are not satisfied with service because of any mistake on your end, no refund will be initiated.
  2. For paid services, you must check if demo files meets your requirements. Refund shall not be given if you fail to verify your demo file at your end.
  3. All paid services are on pay-per-use basis. For annual subscription, API or bulk discounts; you must contact us directly.
  4. For products bought on our website, if the delivery fails due to incomplete address and returns to our warehouse, user shall pay extra for re-delivery with new address.
  5. We do not "repair" any of our products sold. Products shall be replaced if under warranty period.

Limitations of Liabilities

  1. For paid services, if our system fails to deliver, you need to contact us within 48 hours after payment in order to investigate in matter. If contacted within 48 hours, we will be able to complete your service. If contacted after 48 hours, no refund will be initiated as all of the user files are deleted after 48 hours of service.
  2. For products sold online, returns will be accepted within one month after date of purchase. Refund amount will be given to buyer after deducting standard shipping charges.

Intellectual Properties

  1. Name and Logo of The Web Vendor, are registered copyrights of The Web Vendor firm established in 2015. Copy and use of the name and logo without permissions, is strictly prohibited and liable to court action.