IPO list and Updates (India)

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IPO (Initial Public Offer) is the first sale of shares by the privately owned company to the public. The companies going public raises funds through IPO's for working capital, debt repayment, acquisitions, and a host of other uses.

Investor can apply for IPO Stocks by filling an IPO Application Form. These forms are usually available with stock brokers for free, or can be filled online. Investor can also apply for IPO Stocks online through Online Stock Brokers like HDFC bank, Share Khan, and many other banks providing these services. Click on company name to read its profile.

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Company NameIssue openIssue CloseOffer(Rs.)Issue Size(in Cr.)Our Call
SoftTech Engineers Limited IPO27-04-201803-05-201878 to 8022.24 - 22.81
Godha Cabcon & Insulation Limited IPO27-04-201803-05-201830 to 339.00 - 9.90
Akshar Spintex Limited IPO27-04-201803-05-20184026.99
Dr Lalchandani Labs Limited IPO25-04-201827-04-2018304.20
Aakash Exploration Services Limited IPO17-04-201819-04-20185610.08
Garv Industries Limited IPO12-04-201817-04-2018103.20
Indo US Bio-Tech Limited IPO30-04-201803-05-2018517.29
Bombay Super Hybrid Seeds Limited IPO12-04-201817-04-20186010.39
Power & Instrumentation (Gujarat) Limited IPO11-04-201813-04-2018336.15
Mahickra Chemicals Limited IPO16-04-201818-04-201824 to 255.25
Narmada Agrobase Limited IPO28-03-201811-04-2018327.48
Vera Synthetic Limited IPO28-03-201804-04-2018405.34
Dhruv Consultancy Services Limited IPO27-04-201802-05-20185423.19
Soni Soya Products Limited IPO28-03-201804-04-2018254.50
S.S. Infrastructure Development Consultants Limited IPO28-03-201805-04-20184017.11
Penta Gold Limited IPO23-03-201827-03-20183713.32
AVG Logistics Limited IPO28-03-201803-04-201810733.06
Lemon Tree Hotels Limited IPO26-03-201828-03-2018561,038.68
Taylormade Renewables Limited IPO22-03-201827-03-20183511.34
Orissa Bengal Carrier Limited IPO22-03-201826-03-20183016.69
Continental Seeds and Chemicals Ltd IPO21-03-201823-03-2018264.21
Mittal Life Style Ltd IPO19-03-201821-03-2018214.41
Giriraj Civil Developers Ltd IPO19-03-201821-03-20181009.00
Yasho Industries Limited IPO19-03-201821-03-201810028.99
ICICI Securities Ltd IPO22-03-201826-03-20185204,016.97